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How can we help you?

Paid Campaigns

Paid camapigns Anchor

How we help you:

  • We run campaigns for you in Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok or Amazon

  • We will help you define a strategy and budget

  • KPIs and realistic goals for your campaigns

  • We'll support on the creativities and ad style

  • We will optimize your own campaigns and improve ROAS

  • We will help you set up measure pixels and tracking codes to understand results

  • Providing monthly reports that are comprehensive


Mitchel Harad

Owner of The Bark Co.

"We have inherit // FLAMA's Paid campaigns and ads. Thanks to that awesome work, we decided to purchase the business to run it in the USA"

What we did for The Bark Co.

  • Besides setting up the business, manufacturing the initial products and building up the brand

  • We helped them with the Facebook & Instagram ads strategy

  • Defining the structure of the campaigns

  • Improving ads and testing

  • Set up Remarketing Funnels in combination with email marketing as well

  • Boosting acquisition of new customers through lookalike campaigns




Facebook ads

x5.2 ROAS

Instagram ads

Shopify set up

We are

Shopify Anchor

How we help you:

  • Selecting the perfect theme for you

  • Setting up your e-commerce with the features you need

  • Analyzing which apps will work better for your business

  • Integrating all apps with your tools: e-mail marketing, paid campaigns, etc.

  • Set up business details, taxes, shipping rates, etc.

  • Building up Cross and Up-sell funnels

  • Activating Recovery cart emails

  • Activating automated mail flows to engage and convert potential customers

  • SEO optimization for the whole shop

  • ...and much more. 


Mariola Ustaran

Owner of Food Room

"// FLAMA was key in preparing ready-to-go e-commerce for us, including all marketing automation and strategy"

What we did for Food Room

  • We helped Food Room decide the shop theme

  • We set up the entire Shop and business configuration

  • We set up all necessary tools, such as Google Analytics, Search console, E-Mail marketing tools or a schedule calendar app among others

  • We launched the first Facebook ads campaigns with great success

  • And helped Mariola set up content strategy for her brand




Facebook ads

1.500+ new emails the first 3 months

Other Shopify e-commerce we set up:

e-mail Automation

Automtion Anchor

How we help you:

  • We can help you with your email marketing integration into your e-commerce

  • Provide assistance on automated email workflows

  • Set up abandoned cart emails & flows

  • Give recommendations for newsletter and content

  • Support on up-sell & cross-sell automated flows

  • Help your sales team with CRM & email marketing tool


Mauricio Salazar

Founder of Jules&Jim

"// FLAMA helped us understand and develop the right automation flows and funnels to avoid leaving any potential customer behind."

What we did for Jules&Jim

  • Set up Klaviyo as an email marketing tool

  • Define a recovery cart strategy with emails

  • Combine this strategy with Facebook ads Remarketing campaigns

  • Set up several automated flows in order to generate sales, up-sell, and engagement

  • Set up a monthly blog-article newsletter combined with Instagram ads to boost engagement & sales

Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 11.39.10.png



Paid campaigns

90% increase

Recovery cart

SEO - Google ranking


How we help you:

  • We are going to make a deep analysis of your site to understand where the problem is

  • Prepare a Keyword research to define your ranking objectives

  • Optimize the entire website to meet Google best practices

  • Design a Content Strategy

  • Help you find niche content to stand up

  • Benchmark your competitors

  • Analyze your Domain Authority

  • Train your team to write in perfect SEO-guidelines


Rafa Romero

Director of // FLAMA

" Through the last 15 years, we have been helping brands to rank better in Google, focusing on Great Content, Clean websites, and fast performance. We will definitely boost your business with SEO."

Google Analytics - Measurement

Google Analytics

How we help you:

  • Setting up your Analytics tools

  • Revise all pixels and tracking codes to double-check the gather the data correctly

  • Configure and customize your tools

  • Revise Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics configuration

  • Define and set up goals

  • Install enhanced e-commerce tracking

  • Define and set-up reports

Rafa Romero

Director of // FLAMA

"Measuring right is essential in order to make the right decisions. Otherwise, we are just blind decision takers."



How we help you:

  • We prepare customized training sessions for you & your team

  • From 2 hours specific workshop to 100 hours courses

  • We collaborate in several University Masters degrees and Summer courses

  • Our training approach is 100% practical, with less theory needed

  • Our main areas of training are used to be:

    • Shopify set up​

    • SEO

    • Facebook & Instagram ads

    • Google ads

Rafa Romero

Director of // FLAMA

"Let us help you grow your professional skills, from 15+ years professionals who will just not share their knowledge, but specific real cases."

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